SWAs Shoppers Guide

There are many ways to save while shopping for your clothes and accessories. This page is dedicated to an addict making it to that next purchase without going completely broke. If thats not the case, at the very least have more to show for your hard earned dollars. Here's some techniques you will be able to apply to the sites you find here and elsewhere.

1st Technique - I shop for items that are timeless. To many brands out there that are releasing shirts that have more to it then a Brand Logo pressed to it.
I found this shirt in the clearance section, like many of my tees. You go to the Mens or Womans clearance section. Click price to show Low to High and start browsing. I then include everything in my cart that I think I would want up to my budget. The idea behind this is to average your cost per item. Plndr is a new favorite spot for Tees as their usually $12 or less 90% of the time.

Example: My shopping cart will have 15-20 items, ranging from $10-$40  with a total of $300 after I use my discount code and possibly get free shipping T-shirts then average out to $10-12 and other more expensive items also averaging out to a great price.

2nd Technique - Is to always look up discount codes, that 5-10 minutes can mean $10-20 in savings easily. Or much more in orders like shown above. Also avoid shipping cost whenever possible. Its a major wallet buster when shopping online. Be sure to see if there are FREE shipping deals with a minimum purchase for the site your on, or a discount code that will offset a portion of the shipping cost.

3rd Technique - if you see a specific item you love but it's really expensive on the site you saw it at. Go to the Brands actual site. There's been numerous times I have found an item on sale at the Brands very own online shop, while its full price at another Retailer. I have also googled sold out items just to have found them hidden 5-10 pages in Google search.

TIP:Look for a size when searching, for instance putting Medium or 7 3/8 will bring up sites that possibly still have stock of what you were looking for. There are also sites like TheFind.com that will come in handy.

4th Technique - Join and obtain other Free Discount Memberships that are relevant to your online shopping experience. 

MooseLimited.com is a Street Wear online shop, always delivering the latest Fashion brands and drops. Great place for Branded New Eras as well. However some are oddly priced compared to where els eyou can find them so shop around. Use Code:GetFitted20Off to get 20% Off at check out. Spend $60.00 or more and get Free Shipping. The savings here only needs a 2 sentence explanation.

Karmaloop.com is a huge Street Wear online shop, with many brands and pretty much something for everyone. They to get some good selections of New Era's what great bout KarmaLoop is they end up having some hats on super sale for no apparent reason. A new release might drop to $25 while MooseLimited is still pricing it at $48. Moral of this story, shop around! Use Code:SWAddict to get 20% Off at check out on your 1st purchase with Karmaloop and 10% every purchase there after.

If you haven't noticed, I am a big fan of PLNDR the Street Wear Members Only Boutique bringing only the best in sneakers, street apparel and other cutting edge brands, offered to you through exclusive limited time (48 Hour) sales. All merchandise is marked down up to 80% off for their members. They are a subsidiary of Karmaloop. Your 1st purchase earns you a $15 credit to use on your next purchase. You can also share your link with friends and gain $10 the 1st time they shop, at PLNDR. There's unlimited potential for you to earn. They usually have a code for $3.95 Flat Ground Shipping, which is great for those huge orders. Since I been a member its been PLSHIP or 395SHIP. Either way if theres a shipping deal it will be at the top of the PLNDR page. It's one time use only and limited time also. So don't waste it if your buying one item. Instead you can use the same Code:SWAddict to get 10% off on your already extremely discounted items.

JackThreads is another other Members Only site, they dabble in a wide array of styles, slightly less discounted then PLNDR but make up for that, by holding unique sales that take place daily. Many brands I would never have heard of or seen if I wasn't a member. Their lacking on any discount codes, or shipping codes, but they are worth keeping around. They also off a $10 refer a friend credit system.