Maintaining Your Gear

Wanted to share how to keep your clothes staying as new and fresh as possible. Here our a few things I have learned and picked up along the way.

Jeans: For the true collector of salvage denim they have a real particular way about their jeans. Some will get in the shower with their jeans to then let it dry a certain way. While others will only wash their jeans on occasion once a month. 

I personally do neither of these however I have taken a few steps from these processes. Start with turning all your jeans inside out. Then put it on color setting, since cold keeps colors in. Wash them regularly and then hang them to dry. I found that the hangers with the 2 clips work best. Do not put your jeans in the dryer if you would like them to last. They won't shrink and the color stays intact.

T-Shirts: Are very similar to how I wash my jeans. Always turn them inside out, however you must separate them between colors and whites. Some garments aren't always "black and white" so just be sure if it has any colors in it, it wont run in your wash. Always invest in a bottle of stain remover, I've saved a few other wise thought to be ruined shirts. However if you dig wearing T-shirts with stains on them, ignore this part. Also never dry T-shirts that have prints on them, you can save a lot at the laundry mat if you hang up these particular items while maintaining the print and lengthening the life of your shirt.

Always iron your T-shirts inside out, you will never mess up a print on a t-shirt or leave marks on the visible side following this advice. 

Hats: My biggest friend in the hat cleaning department is the lint roller. 3M makes a quality lint roller where a dual pack came with a bonus mini size one perfect for cleaning off lint and dust from any New Era 5950. Then if there's anything serious I use the Lids cleaner spray and brush. The bristles are not harsh like the New Era Reshaping Kits brush. If you try to clean your hat and it's wool be prepared for it to shrink some. By wearing it till it dries should keep you covered. Don't ever wet the brim, it will never fully recover its firmness.   

If you have any tips or tricks in keeping your clothes intact and looking fresh and would like to share, don't hesitate to shoot me a message, to get your tip featured on this page.